Easy shell : PHPShell

The first thing to do to when you want to start developing on the WDTV
is to connect to the shell.

Using telnet or ssh requires a fresh new compiling of Busybox and activating
many options. A much faster way is to use the integrated PHP server to add a web shell. This solution is not perfect but does not require compiling code. The base functions allow you to run most of commands. The only limitation is with commands requesting
a confirmation. The shell input must then be done using the JTAG …

PhpShell is very quick to install. Download and unzip the archive phpShell-2.4.zip in the ~ / wdtvgen3/PALACE_1_05_18_G/build/root/webserver/htdocs/ (see the post First compiled GLP code)

rename the folder phpShell-2.4 to phpShell

Edit config.php to add your login / password
admin = "wdtvgen3"

Restart the command make firmware

Flash your WDTV Live. You can now connect to the shell with the address http://ip_of_wdtv/phpshell/phpshell.php

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    • You can not install XBMC on WDTV Live. XBMC is compiled only for i386 and ARM processor. There is no version available for MIPS processor such as the WDTV Live.
      If you want to use XBMC, I recommend you turn to hardware such as Raspberrypi

  1. Hello friend,
    Please let us know,what are advantages of above shell software in WD Streaming media player Gen-3 .
    What are simple ways to install your firmware , in this box , without loosing online live Youtube,Netflix,Daily motion channels.
    Please reply for a newbie

  2. Thanks for reply.I am a new bie and does not know about softwares.Kindly let me know what are additional advantage of this updated firmaware over WD company new softwares.
    How do I install an installer??n..Do u mean i connect WD streaming media player gen-3 with my pc??BUT how ??

  3. Thanks.
    I have downloaded your above updated firmware , 1.05.14_G in my USB stick..
    I tried to install in my WD Streaming Media Player Gen-3 , by attaching usb but SMP does not even detect it.Kindly let me know ,how to insta,, this software .

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