First compiled GPL code !

This article is obselete. See the post Compiling Homebrew 1.08.17 on Ubuntu 12.04

Warning : Flashing the WDTV Live Streaming (Gen3) will void its warranty and the online streaming service functionality will not be available anymore !
!!! Do it at your own risks, I WILL NOT be taken responsible for any damage caused to your device (such as brick) !!!

Why using GPL code ?
GPL code allows to add functionnality to your WDTV box (I will add SSHFS support in a next article)

What you need ?
- A Physical or Virtual PC running Ubuntu version 8.04 or newer in 32 bits (64 bits returns an error during compiling)
- At least 6 Gb free space on your hard disk drive.
- The source from Western Digital : and the toolchain for cross-compiling
- Some A lot of time (more than 6 hours on my P4 2,4 GHz !)

Processing :
- Create a directory on your home directory and transfer your download in
mkdir wdtvgen3
cd wdtvgen3

- Uncompress and configure toolchain for cross-compiling
tar xzfv GPL_toolchain_of_WDTV/toolchain_binary/mips-4.3.tgz
sudo mv mips-4.3 /opt

- Uncrompress and configure WDTV GPL source code
tar xzfv PALACE_1.05.18_G.tgz
echo "export DIRECTFB_I=~/wdtvgen3/PALACE_1.05.18_G/src/libs/qt-everywhere-opensource-src/directfb" >> ~/.profile

- Exit and relog for loading environment variables, and verify

- Edit and patch the code (Western left a trap in their code :-) )
Open PALACE_1.05.18_G/src/libs/Makefile and comment (add a # at the beginning of the line) the line 168 "#LIBS_LIST_y += libsigcpp boost libtorrent-rasterbar mdnsresponder (generates errors during compiling and i don’t want bittorrent)

cd PALACE_1.05.18_G
make distclean

- Go to sleep …
make install
make firmware

- Open the wdtvlivegen3.ver file and increase the version number VERSION=’1.05.18_G’ to VERSION=’2.05.18_G’ (this is useful only if you reflash a previous GPL firmware)

- Copy all files in the Palace_launch_1006 folder at the root of an USB key formatted in FAT32 (this is useful only if you flash from official firmware)

- Flash your WDTV Live Streaming, wait for the GPL Warning and remove the USB key.

- Copy the 3 wdtvlivegen3 files in PALACE_1.05.18_G/build at the root of your USB key.

- Flash your WDTV Live Streaming !

> You now have a GPL firmware !