Customize splash screen

When you switching to GPL firmware, Western splash screen is replaced by this warning message:
“Warning, This media player was modified aftermarket, bla bla bla…”
The splash screen is stored in the flash memory in the mtdblock6.
It is possible to replace this image with any other image of the same resolution (1280 x 720).
To replace the splash screen, follow these steps:

On WDTV Gen3, copy the contents of block 6 of the flash memory on a USB key:
dd if=/dev/mtdblock6 of=/tmp/media/usb/USB1140/6A3B-C56D/mtdblock6.bin bs=1024

Eject the USB key and plug it on your Ubuntu host
Copy mtdblock6 dump:
cd ~/wdtvgen3/GPL_PALACE_1.10.12_G
cp /media/KINGSTON/mtdblock6.bin .

Mount the dump to retrieve binary files:
mkdir temp
sudo mount mtdblock6.bin temp
mkdir mtdblock6
cp -v temp/* mtdblock6
rm mtdblock6/splash_picture.sdd

Download and untar utility gensddf to convert the image of your choice to SDDF format:
tar xzfv gensddf-0.1.0.tar.gz
./gensddf PALACE_1.09.10_G/src/libs/RES_PALACE/splash_screen/splash_screen.bmp mtdblock6/splash_picture.sdd

recreate the firmware:
genromfs -d mtdblock6 -f mtdblock6.bin

Copy the resulting file to a USB stick:
cp mtdblock6.bin /media/KINGSTON

Plug the key on your WDTV Live and flash the firmware :
dd if=/tmp/media/usb/USB1140/6A3B-C56D/mtdblock6.bin of=/dev/mtdblock6 bs=1024

Reboot your WDTV Live and see !

Source code of gensddf and splash screen’s exemple can be found here. This program as been develloped in freepascal under Lazarus.